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I've had an interesting and satisfying career to date. After graduating from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a Media degree, I began as Production Runner at Crawford Productions in Melbourne and gradually worked my way up the ranks of the Assistant Director department, enjoying several years working as a London-based 2nd Assistant Director on feature films. I had the privilege of working with great actors such as Daniel Craig, Ben Kingsley and Emily Blunt, and learned from assisting and watching wonderful directors such as Franc Roddam, Roger Michele and Pawel Pawlikowski.


After returning to Australia I transitioned into documentary directing and unscripted TV. I discovered camera operating whilst working on my feature documentary 'Graceful Girls' and have been shooting ever since. Camera operating has been a liberating and exciting new direction for my work. Whilst on certain projects I love collaborating with a talented DOP / Operator, to have the autonomy to shoot myself and make decisions on the fly adds strength to my creative and editorial offering.

I also have a feature film 'Metal Fish Falling Snow' in development with author and screenwriter Cath Moore, based on an adaption of her multi-winning novel. Directing a feature film has always been a dream of mine and after securing development funding from Screen Australia we are a step closer to realising the dream!

Below is my CV with selected credits.



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